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Graphic Design Vs Illustration Vs Photography

One of the reasons why photography is preferred over illustration in most advertising campaigns is that real pictures are more believable and perhaps more controllable. We are not saying this, but the editor of AIGAs Journal of graphic design Steve Heller. Then there is an interesting discussion over at Design Observer on the decline of illustration and rise of graphic design as a means of communication. Also check out the Graphic Design Manifesto.


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5 thoughts on “Graphic Design Vs Illustration Vs Photography

  1. Thanks for the post and the links.

  2. I agree. Photographs are definately more beliveable

  3. Photography may be more believable, but as a viewer of the image I would feel left wanting more after just looking at a professionally taken photograph. In my opinion, if you take a photograph, then it is photography, but once you start manipulating it and adding text it becomes a whole new discipline – illustration

  4. Is an illustrator a jack of all trades within the visual communication genre?

  5. Depends on what is more suitable for the idea and concept…. The fence is a good place to sit ..

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