Alternative marketing thinking


What Women Want

BusinessWeek magazine recently looked at romance related marketing and found it seriously out of sync with the women of today. The role of women in society, the magazine feels, is evolving: They’re now ambitious, equal contributors in areas guys used to dominate, including school, sports, work, and politics (Vote Hillary!) What do modern girls want? (The authors of the article are women.) We desire modern guys we can respect as equals. Guys are attracted to strong, intelligent, independent females who can hold their own. Similarly, a girl thinks a guy who’s willing to participate as an equal partner in classically female roles is a total catch. When the guy is willing to pitch in and contribute to maintaining a quality, supportive relationship—activities that used to be a ‘girl’s’ responsibility—it’s a complete turn-on. So what is it that 21st Century women really want from their men? Here are there pointers: Sexy in Communication. Sexy in Playtime Partnership. And women want their men to bring sexy into everyday domestic. To the article.


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