Alternative marketing thinking


Axe’s Global Idea

The timing could not have been more appropriate. Vegaolmosponce just picked up the 2007 Integrated Grand Prix for their work on AXE. Businessweek Magazine looked at Unilever’s AXE, the hit factory that’s been producing winner after winner with a simple sales pitch that says “Hey dude, spray Axe deodorant all over your body, and you will become irresistible to beautiful young women.” The campaign from BBH, not the one that won the Grand Prix, is running in 75 countries was to invent a new phrase that guys would hear as an international expression of lust—a female wolf-whistle heard ‘around the world.’ Bom Chicka Wah Wahs. According to Urban Dictionary, the onometopic phrase is supposed to stand for 70’s guitar Porn-riff. Usually this is the music that came on when the action was just about to get started. Unilever’s Axe campaign shows how one company is coming to grips with doing business in this complexly, wired world. It’s also becoming truly digital. For the U.S. launch, the company posted three videos online that supposedly showed the ‘Axe effect’ of women chasing men who used the spray. The videos were so much fun that millions of people forwarded them to friends by e-mail in a massive viral outpouring. Read more.


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