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Breaking the Award Show Silos

Much has been written about the film Grand Prix that Dove Evolution won at Cannes this year. How the film jury had to do some clever, and perhaps unfair, manipulation to make the film a contender for the grand prize. Jonah Bloom who was covering the festival for AdAge feels that advertising award shows are beginning to show their age, at a time when the best work is driven around customer-driven ideas. If you’re judging a successful and innovative loyalty program with data capture, data analysis, point-of-sale promotion, direct mail, in-store radio, web production, online advertising, outdoor and experiential components, where does that sit, he asks. Nike Plus, he believes, epitomizes the increasing convergence of ideas and utility. It all started with a great product that made Nike a content player, a media owner operating the biggest running club in the world via a social network. There are no easy answers to Jonah’s questions. In fact it could mean financial suicide for private shows like Cannes where if the number of categories were to be reduced to awarding the best ideas without slotting them into media driven silos. Rather than have a film centric view, (log on to the Cannes Lions site just now and you’ll find Evolution loading in the opening frame) and award the best idea on show.


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