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Media that works

The good folks at eMarketer have an interesting piece of research (done among adult internet users in the US in Jan 2007) on what kind of advertising works. And as we have been seeing recently, word of mouth is out on top with some 57% respondents claiming that they find it useful, when making purchase decisions. Email and newsletter promotions that people have subscribed to (permission marketing, read some chapters from Seth Godin’s seminal book of the same name) comes in next. The TV is not dead after all with about a third of the respondents feeling that they get influenced by traditional TV ads. Email catalogues, magazine and newspaper ads and regular direct mail make up the next lot of marketing influencers. While the numbers for world of mouth is just a tad over the halfway mark, what’s impressive is that some 91% of people who participated in the survey said that they occasionally seek advice about products or services and some 94% respondents occasionally give advice to others.


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