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From Customer Satisfaction To Customer Success

When you are one of the world’s most successful financial institutions you don’t want to be caught resting on your laurels. Fidelity Brokerage Company has some $1,770,000,000,000 in assets under administration. So how do you take a widely successful company to the next level? According to Fidelity’s Bill Doyle and Ellyn McColgan, the company is moving beyond customer satisfaction to customer success. What is customer success? Not being satisfied with how well you did yesterday and looking in the opposite direction: Thinking about how an individual can reach a goal. For the company, success is not only a number but also a series of choices and they intend to help customers make the next best choice at each step along the way. Most consumers, Fidelity feel are setting goals with four big factors in mind like buying a house, educating children, planning for retirement, and taking care of elderly parents. Starting with investors and offering products to help them make next best decisions on the way, means customer success, both for the individual and the company. More from Forrester. Also, don’t miss out this snippet on how Banks are facing customer service wars.


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