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India’s Net User Evolves

A survey by Juxt Consult has thrown new light on the Indian netizen. One of the most surprising findings is that some 77% of home net users and 74% of people who access net from office now use broadband. While broadband speeds in India are still low when compared to the world, the fact that a large majority of net users new have access to relatively faster connections. Another important finding is the decline in the role of cyber cafes. The usage of cafes has grown by just one percentage to 47%. Offices, schools and colleges continue to be the main point of Net use, up 16 percentage points from last year at 78 per cent. On the home front, there’s a surge in usership, with connections going up by 10 percentage points to 59 per cent over last year. Overall, Internet users in urban India have grown by a healthy 28 per cent. Of the total 30.32 million urban Internet users, 25.17 million, or 83 per cent, are the ‘regular’ users who log on at least once a month and the remaining 5.15 million are ‘occasional’ users who use the Internet with a lesser frequency than that. Some 20 million Internet users do so daily. Here’s more.


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