Alternative marketing thinking


Riding the Cluetrain

The Cluetrain Manifesto continues to be the most seminal books written on how a fully-connected marketplace will change business and marketing. The authors assert that the Internet is unlike the ordinary media used in mass marketing as it enables people to have “human to human” conversations, which have the potential to transform traditional business practices radically. One of the proponents of the ClueTrain, Doc Searls was interviewed recently by Shel Israel, author of another important book, Naked Conversations. The Doctor had some pretty harsh words for the Web 2.0 revolution calling it the next bubble. Similarly, he says he doesn’t like the phrase “social media”, specially the word “media” that was framed by a hundred years’ experience with pre-Net “media” that reduced everything to “content”. There is a sense of distance to “media” that he believe diminishes our understanding of the Net. He likes to differentiate web into two phases, the static web, where there was no time component to information available on the web, and live web to anything, even email that is time stamped. Read the interview here.


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