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Not Your %@$#*^! Consumer

Many marketers are realising that in a world where companies are trying to get closer to people who engage with brands, using the word “consumer” may not be appropriate anymore. While some people will argue that this is just a matter of semantics, whole idea of consuming-that is using up or devouring- run against the grain of what brands want to do these days. Jim Stengel the marketing chief of P&G believes that marketers have to make a mind-set shift from ‘telling and selling’ to ‘building relationships’ .”We need to think beyond consuming … and to really directly understand the role and the meaning the brand has in people’s lives.” Lisa a consultant from Forrester was stumped at a recent conference, when one of the questions revolved around the casual use of the word consumer. “Having been steeped for years in classical marketing, I use the term “consumer” naturally and unthinkingly. However, terms like consumer, eyeballs, click throughs serve to distance us from the actual people who are out actually trying to connect and relate to others online.” She wrote on her blog. More from the Forrester Blog. Also interesting thinking on a concept of Organic Branding.


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