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What Banks Can Learn From Drug Companies.

John Bell at the Digital Influence Mapping site has an interesting post on why so many people seek out information from the web the when it comes to ailments and drugs, yet very few go to company websites. (In a study by Prospectiv 75% view the Internet as their most trusted resource for ailment-and drug treatment-related information. Only 4% prefer pharmaceutical company sites). John has an interesting theory: that consumers were flocking to health media sites, condition sites, communities, et al and not pharma sites because they do not feel they can trust pharma sites. (The same study found that very few people trust pharma ads. 83% of respondents felt pharmaceutical ads on television can be confusing and misleading). The prognosis? These companies need to go out and build trust. Seems like a similar problem that banks and financial services companies have. People are trusting third party sites when they are researching products and services, bypassing the corporations that could reap a lot of benefits by becoming the source for unbiased information.

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