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India Marketing By Numbers

The annual Ficci and PricewaterhouseCoopers report on the Indian marketing services industry is out and it has some encouraging numbers for holding companies. The industry will continue to be one of the fastest growing advertising and marketing industries in the world with some 18% compound annual growth rate to reach Rs.1 trillion ($250 billion approx.) by 2011 from its present size of Rs.437 billion. Like elsewhere in the world, India’s Internet advertising is leading the charge and is set to post a compounded annual growth rate of 43 per cent till 2010, to grow from its current size, Rs.1.6 billion to some Rs.9.5 billion. Television will continue to hog the largest share of spends and will grow by 22% from Rs. 191 billion to Rs.519 by 2011. Even at a relatively sluggish 13%, print media is set to grow to Rs.213 billion from the current Rs.128 billion. The percentages are impressive for just about every kind of media. Filmed entertainment grows by 16% to Rs.175. Radio by 28% to Rs. 17 billion. Out of home advertising 17% to Rs. 21.5 billion. More here.


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