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Cashless Vending Machines

If your image of a vending machine is someone taking out a dollar and inserting it for a can of cola, that could change if the experiment from MasterCard, USA Technologies and Coca Cola were to come to fruition. They have announced the installation of cashless, contact less payment terminals into vending machines. While this is an experiment worth noting, the real revolution will happen once mobile phones and vending machines start talking to each other securely. There are already indications of how things could go, like Bluvend, a vending machine that distributes creative mobile phone content. Other experiements that are taking off closer home in India, from Smartvend, that involves using vending machines and SMS as a way to make payments.


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2 thoughts on “Cashless Vending Machines

  1. I would like to clarify that this is not an “experiment”. Cashless Vending is becoming more prevelant in the marketplace today with the added features of contactless and NFC capabilities. I would venture to guess that cashless vending will be ubiquitous within 5 years!

  2. icontract on said:

    Thanks John

    Your pointed noted

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