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Getting Search Engine Ready

Forrester Marketing blog has an important post on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and why it is imperative that every company invest some money and a lot of time ensuring their websites are SEO optimised. There are two key recommendations on the post: (1) it is best to optimise your site, before you invest in paid search. (2) It takes a few months to get your site optimized and start seeing results. So get your SEO started, buy some paid search ads to drive immediate traffic and test keywords, and in 6 months or so, you should have enough data and experience to have some pretty good integrated SEO/SEM (Search Engine Marketing) programs running together. Getting down to the optimising process itself, these are the things Forrester asks you to consider. Eliminate barriers to your content – search engines cannot index what they cannot access . This means that content behind firewalls, in graphics, in flash animations all hamper optimisation. Increase and organise your site content – the single most important thing you can do to improve your page rank is to increase the amount of keyword-related content on your site. Use Tags. Increase the volume and quality of your inbound links. Build off your old site – site age proves “credibility” to Search Engine Crawlers. Update your site regularly -search engines will crawl sites with changing content more regularly to make sure they are aware of the updates. Simple things like adding press releases to your site is one way to regularly update your site content. Also of interest a couple of articles on SEO here and here.


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