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Banks Editing Wikipedia

Wikiscanner is an interesting online tool that tells you who edits content on Wikipedia. So we put our curiosity to test to see if companies, particularly banks were tooling around their entries on this online encyclopedia. You can search under two heads, keyword and location. When we looked up Citibank, for instance we found edits done from their Singapore and German offices. Searching under Citibank + United States no edits turned up. At Bankwatch Colin ran a search with the keyword Bank and organisations like Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, Bank of Canada etc had the most number of edits showing up. This results wouldn’t show banks like HSBC who don’t have the word bank in the name. Here are the results for HSBC. We also looked up some Indian banks. Here are the results for ICICI Bank (yes there are a few) and HDFC Bank (none). Also of interest is an earlier story in the newsletter Banks and Wikipedia.


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