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Community Is Not Networks

Chole Stromberg at Forrester wants to put this straight. She thinks that people are increasingly using ‘community’ and ‘network’ interchangeably which is not right. “Community is just one type of network”, says Chole: “My working definition of network is: a group of people who have something in common and who have a motivation for connecting. For example, a bunch of people who all buy the same brand of toilet paper, but have no desire to meet, are not a network.” She has a rough grouping of networks up on the post. They include; emotive networks, a community bound by a powerful emotive reason to connect up. Advice networks. Dating networks. Blog networks, like Micropersuation that brings together people who are interested in the same kind of ideas. Wiki networks like Plannersphere. She has her theory on various networking tools like Linkedin, Facebook and MySpace. Worth a read.

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