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Broadband In Vogue

The September issue of Vogue is out now and at a record 727 advertising pages. That “extra-extra large!” size, as the cover proudly proclaims, is more than 100 pages fatter than last year and seems to provide evidence of a healthy appetite for print advertising in the fashion industry. In fact there is more to it. Most of those pages were sold with the added value of an Internet feature that Vogue introduced recently: a broadband channel that aims to serve as both an entertainment destination and a shopping Web site. New York Times, reviewing Vogue’s move has some interesting things to say. For Vogue, the channel is a major push into the world of fashion-related video entertainment; the channel will start with more than 240 minutes of original online video content. Vogue has particularly high hopes for the multi-episode series it will feature on the channel, like “60 Seconds to Chic” (a quick-makeover show), “Behind the Lens” (a documentary-style series) and “Trend Watch,” which started on syndicated television in 2003. For advertisers, the new move by Vogue means a lot more. Each advertiser that purchased a national ad page in the September issue qualified for inclusion on the Web site. Advertisers that bought multipage spreads are permitted to post additional content, like behind-the-scenes video from their campaign’s photo shoots. Visitors can get an inside-look at the making of a glamorous fashion ad, and, if the spirit moves them, buy the product being advertised as well. Read more in New York Times.


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