Alternative marketing thinking


Changing Cannes

Craig Davis has posted this story from Creative Review magazine. On how the 2007 edition of the award show could be the tipping point when Titanium over threw the Film GrandPrix as the most coveted prize at the festival. ‘Titanium’, the article says ‘stands for breakthrough ideas. It’s an award for work that’s provocative and points to a new direction. It’s for work that stops the industry in its tracks and reconsider the way forward.’ The story goes on to discuss the winners and shortlists in the Titanium category. CPB’s work for Burger King, where they produced games for XBOX. Droga5’s work on the Tap Project, Leo Brunett Sydney’s work for the Earth Hour, RGAs Nike+, Fallon London’s Tate Tracks, Nike’s Joga Bonito world cup work and Clemenger BBDO’s work for World Press Photo all get a mention in this story. The competition for Titanium is not as intense as it is in the film category. There were some 5000 entries this year in the film category, only 350 for Titanium. Juan Cabral of Fallon and the man behind Tate Tracks and the new Cadbury Gorilla film has the last word. “The important thing is to leave people with something, a feeling, a bit of content and let them be part of it. As long as it is a gift rather then an intrusion, I think it is OK.”


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