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Bankers Learn By Playing

Mint, the Indian avatar of Wall Street Journal has an interesting story on how ICICI Bank trains it new recruits on dealing with customers. They play online games. “Gaming is an integral part of our induction programme,” says K. Ramkumar, group head, HR, ICICI Bank. More than 2,000 ICICI employees have been playing games, and winning prizes, as preparation for handling customers. The use of online games fits in nicely with the HR department’s focus on e-learning. “The gaming initiative reinforces our brand proposition of anytime, anywhere learning,” Ramkumar adds. The bank uses four games—queue management, cheque clearing (operations), cheque payment across the counter, and savings accounts. As the names suggest, these games present situations with customers seeking services in these areas. Experts say gaming could become an important tool in learning, and not just for children. “Games can be used to capture key real-time information about people, activities and outcomes and to provide more frequent guidance and link performance to recognition,” says Daniel Dias, director, IBM India Research Laboratory. The ICICI HR team is now busy working on a larger game—a branch simulator that will recreate all the functions of managing a branch. Read more in LiveMint.


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One thought on “Bankers Learn By Playing

  1. Is this actually true. lol. If you have to play online games for your bank training then I think I will change my day job. Great article by the way.

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