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Mobile Search War Heats Up

Google has upped the ante in mobile search by trying to match up to the Yahoo! offering. Called OneSearch, Yahoo! mobile search was all about getting to your search simply and easily. You get instant answers with just one click, no need to sift through a bunch of links to find exactly what you’re looking for. Now Google has copied the format pretty much by removing the option to search Web, Images, Local Listings and Mobile Web. Wapreview does not give the new Google offering a great rating, because, in it’s attempt to simplify the search offering Google has integrated the entire listing that used to form a part of the mobile web into the search result. The old Google mobile search offered a choice of searching the full web or the mobile web. The new version mixes mobile and web results together – although users will be hard pressed to find the mobile ones. There are many more web than mobile results and the mobile ones don’t receive any priority in this format, often not appearing in the first screen of results at all. There are other issues that Wapreview throws up with regard to both the Yahoo! and Google offering. Click here to read the whole thing.


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