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Changing Habits. Losing Control.

Cammie Dunaway of Yahoo! had an interesting point on how consumers today are consuming and reacting to media messages. Speaking at a round table set up by McKinsey Quarterly, Cammie noted that in a wireless home, the consumption of media increased by three hours a week because people are consuming different kinds of media at the same time. People who are watching television are also instant messaging their friends and looking up contextual stories on the Internet about what they are watching. Like when India won the 20Twenty semi finals on Saturday, some of us logged on to one of Australia’s top newspapers The Age, to read what the Aussie media were saying about India’s victory. Cammie calls this trend hypertasking, where a connected world creates opportunities for the average person to look up things from many angles, some of which marketers have no control over. Like when Yahoo! redesigned its homepage recently, they gave away coupons for a free iced copy. As early as the afternoon of the same day some people had redeemed the Yahoo! offer and posted a video on how enjoyable the whole thing was. Cammie’s worry was what if the interaction these young creators had with Yahoo! was not up to their expectations? A scenario where the video could have had something negative to say about the brand and its promotion. Download the McKinsey Article.


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  1. We call it mediasnacking 🙂

    MediaSnackers Founder

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