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Going Online To Watch Ads

FOR generations, advertising interrupted the entertainment that people wanted to read, hear or watch. Now, in a turnabout, advertising is increasingly being presented as entertainment — and surprisingly, the idea of all ads, all the time, is gaining some favor. One reason is the proliferation of broadband Internet connections, which make it easier for computer users to watch or download video clips. That is enabling media companies, agencies and advertisers to create websites devoted to commercials and other forms of advertising for amusement, rather than hard-core huckstering. The difference between “watching a commercial on a website and in your living room,” said Michael Jacobs, executive vice president and executive creative director at MRM Worldwide in New York, is that online is “an opt-in audience; you’re choosing to be there.”, a broadband Web site operated by the TBS cable network, has delivered more than 63 million video clip views since its introduction last August. The trend has caught the fancy of advertising’s golden boy, David Droga. In about a month, Mr. Droga plans to test his theory with the trial introduction by Droga5 and its partner, the Publicis Groupe, of a Web site named More from New York Times.


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