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The Rise & Rise Of Shopper Marketing

The hottest marketing medium around may be pasted to the floor of a mall or dangling from a shelf on aisle in a spanking new supermarket near you. Laugh if you want, but some people believe shopper marketing will reshape marketing for some very big spenders. Shopper marketing is hot and growing faster than internet advertising – doubling since 2004 and on pace for a compound annual growth rate of 21% through 2010, according to a draft study by Deloitte from the Grocery Manufacturers Association. “Shopper marketing is a new medium as important as the internet, mobile or gaming,” declared Starcom MediaVest Group North America CEO Renetta McCann at the announcement of pilot results using Nielsen In-Store’s Prism initiative, essentially a ratings system for in-store media and marketing that measures reach and frequency similar to TV. “It’s a brand-new ballgame, and we’re all in.” Read more in AdAge.


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