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Unbanking Barclay’s

Barclays recently announced completion of renovation of some 1,500 branches around UK in a plan that will get rid of its branches of the acronym ATM, pens on chains and the arcane language that has be-devilled bank customers for generations. This is an effort to make itself more accessible and to use language that is in common usage, the Barclays redesign is aimed at making its branches more appealing to customers. The changes seem to be small and cosmetic, even though these could have some positive effect on the bank. Gone will be that ubiquitous acronym for Automated Teller Machine, ATM, to be replaced by the more colloquial ‘Hole in the Wall’. Also outlawed will be black pens on chains, to be replaced by bright coloured pens without chains which have messages to encourage customers to feel free not only to use them, but to take them home if they wish. Read more at Influx Insights. Also here is the press note that Barclay’s put out in early February.


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