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The Logo Gets a Makeover

In the buttoned-down world of corporate branding more and more companies are beginning to let their logos loosen up. Google is the name that comes to mind as the company that started this trend of playing around with its logo. Then the recent furor over the London 2012 Olympics logo, whose creators gave sponsors the power to adapt the logo, which many people consider a sacrilege. Justifying this shift Karl Heiselman, chief executive of Wolff Olins (please check out some of their amazing work) says “In the past, corporate identity was about control and consistency, with too much control, what happens is that people forget about the content.” Wolff Olins, which has also designed new logos for other clients, including New York City and the New Museum of Contemporary Art in Manhattan, that are once again intended to be used in a flexible way as “containers” for content. Another example of the Wolf Olins thinking manifests in the Product Red work they had done a while back, where brands like GAP, Amex and Converse fed off the Red logo. More recently Pentagram recreated the Saks Fifth Avenue logo, that has many renditions . More from the New York Times . While on the subject, here’s an interesting article from Church communications pro, who call for churches to go in for flexible logos.


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