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Intel’s Online

Intel has decided that its partners in the “Intel Inside” cooperative advertising program — which spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year on pitches bearing the logo — ought to accelerate their shift of ad dollars to newer media like the Internet from older media like television and print. The reason, according to Intel executives, is that research shows consumers are already turning more to the online media when they consider buying products like those with Intel microprocessors, which include desktop and notebook computers. So, effective in 2008, Intel will require companies that take part in the co-op program to spend a minimum of 35 percent of the money that Intel provides them on online marketing. “We’re going where the consumers have gone,” said Sean Maloney, an executive vice president at Intel in Santa Clara, Calif., explaining the mandated change in the media mix. Mr. Maloney is general manager for the sales and marketing group as well as chief sales and marketing officer. “For the longest period of time, consumers formed their attitudes through TV, print, radio,” Mr. Maloney said, “and from the middle ’90s onward, there was more influence from the Net.” More from the New York Times.


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