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Banks, Engagement And 2.0

Wells Fargo Banks is always trying out new ideas, so it is no surprise that the bank has made some very interesting moves to participate in the 2.0 economy. Like Stagecoach Island, an interactive experience, where people, young and old enter the virtual world through a specially created experience and engage with the brand. Social media has always been on the Wells Fargo radar, having set up Stagecoach Island in 2005. Infact according to Tim Collins, SVP of experiential marketing at San Francisco-based bank, the bank’s social media strategy has evolved from there. “We saw a lot of reaction to it and a lot of comments and blog posts — a lot of the reaction came from social media circles. That was kind of a surprise to us,” he says. “So we started paying attention more to the blogosphere. We started reading blogs on a regular basis. We started to get more comfortable with social media and rolled out our first blog in March 2006 with Guided by History. With some experience in the blogosphere, Collins adds, the bank rolled out several more blogs, including Student LoanDown and a Stagecoach Island blog. Read more in BankTech.


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