Alternative marketing thinking


Jyske Bank. The Third Place.

In the world of banking Jyske brings in a difference. When asked by management to double the number of retail customers, the marketing and product team decided to build a new kind of retail experience. Like Starbucks, which people call The Third Place, a place between home and work, Jyske is the third place in Denmark. Where they serve some very fine coffee for free. Anyone can walk into the bank, just like they could into a coffee shop, read papers, hang around, and maybe even check out some new products and services the bank offers. All the products that the bank sells is available in a packaged form, with a barcode that you scan on specially designed computers and the computer then shows you a small movie about the product and what it has to offer. Jyske not only managed to double its base, it also managed to get so much free press for its efforts that the bank’s awareness skyrocketed (see the Google trends graph here). Here’s a small video from AdAge that shows off the bank’s new point of view.


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