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Be A Cultural Billionaire

Tyler Cowen belongs to the new group of economists spurred on by Freakonomics, the 2005 best seller by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, which showed economists that they could communicate normally using simple language and analogies to explain people’s lives to them. Like, why won’t a teenage daughter wash the dishes? Cowen, a 45-year-old professor at George Mason University, is a cult hero, insofar as he co-runs an influential blog called You don’t need to be an economist to enjoy it. There are only a handful of posts a day, but the range of ideas is awe-inspiring. Cowen weighs in on everything from “wage compression”—when bosses give raises at a rate below productivity gains—to household pets, arguing that “if you must support the life of either a cat or a dog, choose the undervalued cat.” ‘Discover Your Inner Economist’ Cowen’s new book is out now at Amazon. Tyler Cowen’s other blog is here.


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