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Chase What Matters

The new JP Morgan Chase campaign is aimed at unifying its consumer advertising, streamlining its message and stretching the dollars it spends. Rather than create imagery that’s just aspirational, Chase has chosen to talk about the things they do for customers in its campaign Chase what Matters. The campaign, like most banking campaigns tries to differentiate itself by using imagery rather than any tangible difference. BrandWeek Magazine puts it best in a scathing review of the work. “The agency press release gave clues that the new campaign didn’t have a strong strategic position. After the first sentence that announces the launch of the new campaign, the second sentence reads, “Shot by director Steve Rogers, the black/white/blue TV executions create a unique and contemporary look and feel in the category.” See a thumbnail ad in this review in The Times.


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2 thoughts on “Chase What Matters

  1. I read the brandweek piece and I find it comical that the author, who supposedly understands the banking industry, thinks that Chase doesn’t offer, for example, fraud protection. Any bank of behemoth size such as Chase has the ultimate in fraud protections for themselves and their consumers. Citibank’s genius in the identity theft protection/fraud protection ads was that they were able to convince consumers that they were offering something that EVERY OTHER MAJOR BANK DID NOT by simply bringing that element to the forefront. They capitalized on paranoia and press surrounding id theft & fraud with these ads at just the right time. Working with these banks, I know that these marketing groups laughed that Citi was advertising the obvious and consumers were falling for it. Chase may have ‘done it again’ but they’ve simply chosen the same strategy that others before them have…because to some degree they have worked. If text messaging balances are the one thing that differentiates them, so be it. They are certainly reaching a large group during ‘
    American Idol’ (when they ran) and many of them, contrary to brandweeks article, do NOT know they offer these services nor do they know other banks do as well because THOSE BANKS aren’t advertising it during prime time. It’s all about self-promotion.

  2. icontract on said:


    I don’t know why you are so upset with BrandWeek. When the agency that created the campaign is not exactly sure do you think hardened journos would care?

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