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RFID Makes Shopping Safer

With an increased usage of RFID technology, insights from the Japanese consumer electronics market go on to show us what might lie ahead in the future. For the uninitiated, an RFID tag is an object that can be applied to or incorporated into a product, animal, or person for the purpose of identification using radiowaves. Some tags can be read from several meters away and beyond the line of sight of the reader. With Sony in Japan selling its five millionth USB RFID dongle for home computers, the popularity of this new technology brings safer shopping to consumers. The most common uses involve swiping an IC-chipped phone or credit card to pay for purchases made online. The advantage lies in encryption applied to the card number before it is transmitted. Other uses for the techno-logy – terminals are already built into all Japanese Sony Vaios and include encrypting files on the PC, authentica-ting users for access to secure parts of a network and even acting as a screensaver lock. Read more on this story here.


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