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Banners. The New 30.

Anyone who had been looking at web banners as intensely as us, (yes, some of us out here have no work at all ;-)) would have noticed a quiet and slow revolution happening in the space.

While most Indian websites don’t really support new generation, full motion banners, those on many of the highly visited international sites have gone the way of the 30 second slots, known to be traditional to TVCs. Sound (with a mute button of course), motion, action, and with the added dimension of interactivity.

Bannerblog is a good place to look up the latest in banners. This Australian site has been showcasing the very best banners from around the world.

The recent StowieStories banner is a good example of how much the banner has evolved – it is a microsite disguised in a banner. One, on mouseover, reveals itself in its full glory. Advergaming is growing exponentially and one of the places where we are beginning to see glimpses of advergaming is on banners. Simple participatory ideas that lure online users to spend a few extra seconds with banners. Like this one from Dixie that invites you to a simple shoot out game, that carries their kill germs concept forward.

Newer executions of banners show us how we don’t have to get boxed into the small spaces that traditional banners are stuck in. By this we don’t mean having irritating shoshkeles that interrupt the visitor, a legacy of traditional thinking. This wonderful Apple banner is a testimonial, a commercial, a banner, and a whole lot more.

One of the things that new age banners do very well is to reach out to the elusive young person, who has moved away from TV and print. This banner does a wonderful job of enticing the young Swede who is reluctant to join the Army. Not only is it a wonderful piece of creative, the agency, DDB Sweden has built in a social component on the banner making the interaction even more engaging.

Technology and gaming companies are at the forefront of the banner revolution as most of their customers are online anyway. Apart from the Apple example, that are a lot of examples on Bannerblog that showcase new age banners that push the envelope.

While many of the best banners come from digital agencies where flash artists and software writers come together to invent the next idea, one old school agency has a wonderful showcase if not some of the most advanced banners seen anywhere. Visit the Goodby, Silverstein site and look up some very cool work they have done mostly for HP. In fact the Oneshow Interactive jury is headed by Goodby’s Will McGiness.

Just how important banner ads have become can be judged by the fact that award shows have started recognizing banner ads with lions and pencils.

So is the banner ad the next 30? Well if television had an interactive element, and if TV ads could be targeted and measured so precisely, banners could have taken over the mantle easily.


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One thought on “Banners. The New 30.

  1. Nice post. Banners have begun to complement the TV efforts. You may seen the recent web banner put up on NYT and WSJ by Apple. It was a virtual replica of the Mac vs. PC TV spot showcasing the news report about the fastest Vista machine is a Macbook. The banner can be seen here: and I have mentioned in my blog here:

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