Alternative marketing thinking


One Little Pig

In a beautifully crafted personal project, industrial designer Denis Bostandzic brings together the contemporary wireless Bluetooth technology and an age old emblem of saving – the piggy bank. Called the Credit Card Pig Bank, this concept was one of the five nominees for Henkel Design Award 2007 held in the area of industrial design for young designers from Central and Eastern Europe. The Credit Card Pig Bank is designed to serve a number of purposes – essentially covering savings and donations. The Pig will save money; each time a person slides his credit card through the card reader the software will automatically connect directly to their private bank account and some amount of money will be deposited. The amount could be set by the software installed on your computer. The Pig could also be used to collect donations when placed at public posts like malls. The Pig is made of ceramic and this could open new opportunities for some very interesting branding.


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