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Permission Spam. The Sorry State Of Email Marketing.

A recent report from Forrester says that ninety-seven percent of consumers in the US use email. The figures many not be so high in India, but the usage is close to the same among those belonging to the top SECs. Even though email adoption rates are so high is it being used right? Seventy-seven percent of respondents to the Forrester survey say they receive too many email offers. Seventy-two percent delete most email advertising without reading it, and only five percent buy things advertised through email promotions. According to Stephanie Miller, vice president of strategic services at email service provider Return Path the problem is a lack of long-term customer strategy. “Many marketers think of email as a broadcast channel, not as a way to connect with individuals.” When integrated with data like CRM, POS, and Web analytics, email can leverage customer data to have a real dialogue, but very few marketers actually do it. There are some very good insights on how companies could use email better in this two part series from 1to1 weekly. Read them here and here.


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