Alternative marketing thinking


Turning Insurance Consumers Into Consultants

In the UK, insurance buyers can now become advisors. Zuzzid is a web forum for people to come together and discuss their experiences after buying insurance in different areas – home, car, fire, health or just about anything else. The community website aims to “beat the system” and rant, rave and discuss about various experiences. A price engine search lets prospective buyers compare different costs of plans and the home page has a list of highest rated carriers. The big debate, however, might arise from the distinct fine print at the bottom that reads ‘© 2006 Norwich Union. All rights reserved.’ So does Zuzzid become less fair a resource if it is funded by UK’s largest general insurer? Also interestingly, Zuzzid Top Provider League Tables put Norwich Union at the top of the table for motor insurance, top for life insurance, second for home insurance, and second in the overall ‘Insurance Top Six’. Worth a thought.


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