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Students Learn Money Talk

The Royal Bank of Canada has started a unique web portal to help students learn about money management, through video and text blogs by six chosen bloggers. RBC p2p claims to be a place where students can voice their own thoughts about the kind of banking they really need and want. The six bloggers are a mix of university students, aged between 19 to 29 years, right from all the way in Saskatchewan to British Columbia. A good thing would be to link up this blog to more student-popular social websites like Facebook, MySpace and others. We think that Twitter updates on what students are discovering would also revolutionize it and make it more interactive, something that students would actually talk about even when they are not using it.


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One thought on “Students Learn Money Talk

  1. Thanks for the mention and the great comments! We do have a Facebook Fanpage: RBC Bankbook
    Also, 5 out of 7 people on the blogging team are on Twitter, more from a personal perspective though, rather than a student financial one, but they’re really just an extension of our digital selves. Check us out on Twitter:


    Host, RBC p2p

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