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A Bank For Your Data

While the internet allows us to do a lot and exposes us to a sea of info, a question that all of us avid users ask ourselves at some point is, how to keep our most private information like banking passwords, PIN and passport numbers private. Black Box Innovations, as part of its new Tâke line of portable technology, gives the world a unique solution – the Personal Pocket Safe™. This pocket safe, said to be the world’s first encrypted, epoxy-coated, pin-protected smart drive offers powerful organization and portable digital protection for consumers. It is designed to fit any standard USB port in PCs and notebooks. The Personal Pocket Safe™ is powered by proprietary software embedded within a pin-protected pocket safe that features a host of security-rich options that lock in all the confidential and critical information today’s consumers. Measuring less than 3 inches, the Personal Pocket Safe™ is convenient for travel and easy to carry at all times. Its functionality and security features include: • A pin (4 to 10 digits) that prevents unauthorized users from accessing stored data. • Military grade encryption and storage of confidential documents, from insurance policies and contracts to heirloom photos and other irreplaceable items • Archiving sensitive credentials such as social security numbers, financial account information and passwords • Digital compartmentalization of up to 70 years of bills and bank statements, health records, and scanned copies of important documents such as licenses, permits, birth certificates, etc. • Customizable reminders for everything from warranty and policy renewals to scheduled maintenance back ups • Digital security features that make the device untraceable when removed from a host computer or laptop • Automatic “lock out” technology that shuts down the device to deter hackers. In addition to its menu of organization features, the Personal Pocket Safe™ also helps protect consumers’ identities. So all those tiresome decisions whether an important paper needs to be shredded, copied or stored in a secret place can now be laid to rest. See how exactly this new security gizmo looks and works, or even get your own here.

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