Alternative marketing thinking


Nothing New at Money Market? is a UK price comparison website specialising in financial services. Before customers make a key money-involving decision, the website enables consumers to compare prices on a range of products, including mortgages, credit cards, insurance, utilities and loans. Often, customers are flooded with offers from different banks and companies giving them what might seems like a lot, but comes with hidden charges and other grievances. The website allows customers to compare what is on offer from different companies and explore all pros and cons before making a decision. Recently, the website warned about its profits being hit by Barclays decision to close its First Plus secured loans business. The First Plus loans is one of the most lucrative products for the website. So can a website that claims to give unbiased comparison rates really depend on one product so much that it might begin to threaten its profits? And what else was wrong with this service? While researching reviews, we came across a few that agreed on the benefits of a site like this, but didn’t see it offering anything different. A lot of reviewers complained about the site going over the top with advertising, often interrupting their experience or distracting them from their search. However, the concept still stands out and is probably a lesson for others who might want to start something on these lines again.


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