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Riding Cheap On Social Networking

Though car-pooling came to everyone as one of the perfect ways to save fuel, money and the environmet, there was a time when people were weary of sharing a ride with strangers. However, with the recent rise in fuel costs, people have turned to social networking to help subside their fears. For example, Carpool is an application on the popular social networking site Facebook. Interestingly, not only are people using this service to hitch a ride to work, there are requests for people to even join each other on road trips to add to company and subtract costs. Users of this application can either “Request” or “Offer” a ride by selecting “To and From” destinations. Another site called PickupPal claims to be “a global eco-friendly transportation revolution that connects drivers, passengers, and packages with the places they need to go”. Check out more sites from this list.

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