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Your Own Money Manager

Ever wanted a tool to help you manage your finances better? Here’s help. is a free web-based financial management service created by entrepreneur Aaron Patzer. Mint offers intelligent online money management with their software that brings together a users credit card, bank account and credit union data and provides up to date views about his spends. Mint also alerts a user on several accounts; like for instance when he exceeds his personal budget, when he needs to pay a bill or when his bank balance hits a low. Mint connects to more than 5000 leading financial institutions, making it an extensive database. Mint is also very simple, and needs no accounting skills on the part of the user. Making an account and aligning accounts to Mint takes less than five minutes, and after that, it’s the software that gets to work. What is also very interesting is that Mint goes beyond budget analysis. Its extensive database allows it to retrieve the best deals from everywhere. So, if a user’s bank account has a sum of money that is not earning him a considerable interest, Mint will scan through its database and suggest a high interest rate saving account from another bank. And for all this, Mint is a free service for users. Currently, revenue is expected to be generated through lead generation in which recommends financial products to its users. Mint provides account access service through a deal with Yodlee, the company known to deliver innovative financial applications to top banks.


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