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I Know What You Did With Your Stimulus Check

Earlier this year, the Congress in United States brought about The Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 wherein citizens were given a rebate, a financial stimulus to avert the possibilities of a recession. Totaling a $152 billion in stimulus checks for millions of American households, this act become the basis of a rather interesting website that has been launched since then, to bring together stories of how people spent their stimulus checks. Citizens post their accounts of how they spent their stimulus money, of what they thought of doing with it and what they eventually did. There are stories from all kinds of people who’ve spent their stimulus checks in all kinds of ways, there are people who have vacationed in Europe, there are those who paid off their debts, there are people who bought pets, some who volunteered to teach in Africa, some who spent it on their entrepreneurial dreams. Like is natural of the average American, a lot of people spent their money on basic needs that gave them instant gratification. Pretty sad, because what the government was really aiming at was to reach out and get more of the entrepreneurial kinds to spend money on new ventures and for debt-laden individuals to get out of their crisis. There are some stories that are sad too. Some people who were refused their stimulus checks on various accounts and others who posted stories that went way beyond the stimulus check. Like voicing their distraught over the Bush government first “stealing” their money to kill members of their own family in foreign lands and then giving it back to them. One guy also put up a video of him burning his check just as a “gesture of political indignation”.


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