Alternative marketing thinking


An ATM Machine At Home

One of those ideas that instantly puts a smile on your face. A piggy bank designed like an ATM. So on one of those days when you want to stay home to watch a DVD and order a pizza, but realize that you’re out of cash, the piggy bank (complete with your PIN and a security card that acts as the ATM card) will come to your rescue. Each time you ‘deposit’ money in the ATM piggy bank, it updates its account balance. Like in a regular ATM, you can also check your balance to keep a tab on the account. Priced at 25 pounds, this new age piggy bank is causing quite a stir in the UK. Another similar product, the ATM Savings Bank is a fun way to teach kids about savings and math skills. Also designed like a basic ATM, this piggy bank lets kids swipe their ATM card to check balances, stash bills and coins and to key in their transactions. This battery run device also keeps kids entertained by making electronic sounds when they key in each transaction.


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