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Zimbabwe’s Currency On Ebay

It is a known fact that Zimbabwe has been experiencing a hard currency shortage for a while now, leading to hyperinflation. Inflation reached 624 percent in early 2004, then fell back to low triple digits. When the currency recently took a dip to a record low, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe on 19 July 2008 announced that it plans to introduce a Z$100 billion bank note. On July 30, 2008, the Governor of the RBZ, Gideon Gono announced that the Zimbabwe dollar would be redenominated by removing 10 zeroes, with effect from August 1, 2008. ZWD10 billion will become 1 dollar after the redenomination. Meanwhile the Z$100 billion is selling on eBay. While a lot of people are trying to get their hands on this note, we found an interesting take on the Mentalgiant blog. Take a look.


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