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Mobile Wallet Tests A Success

Yes, people are lazy and would like it if things are made more convenient for them. If we didn’t know that already, mobile company O2 has recently uncovered this truth and brought it out in the open – again. Six months ago O2 began a trial of Near Field Communications (NFC), embedding an RFID chip into a Nokia 6131 and handing them out to 500 London-based customers. This O2 Wallet allowed users to use the phone as an Oyster Card (hence the London focus) and as a contactless payment card like the Barclaycard Visa Paywave, as well as a few other applications. The trial recently wrapped up and the feedback has been tallied, with the experiment proving a resounding success according to O2, with nine out of ten trialists saying they were happy using NFC technology on a mobile phone. Not before long, the technology will be spread beyond travel to other sectors too. So, how soon will people be moving around with wallets? Probably in less than a decade, we’d say. Coincidently, by the time the cheques are slated to go too.


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