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Designing A President

Cool Hunting has put together a piece that looks at how supporters of Democratic presidential hopeful, Barack Obama, have voluntarily come together to create a series of ideas that they believe positively help their candidate win the battle for the White House. The story is reproduced here in full.

Of the many history-making aspects of Obama’s run for President, the art and design that’s come out of it isn’t insignificant. From the identity of the campaign itself to Shepard Fairey’s pioneering grassroots poster, the Obama brand has taken on a life of its own. Naturally, the internet is fertile ground for expressing support and Facebook groups, websites for creating custom logos and even an iPhone app have all popped up in recent days. In the interest of bi-partisanship, we looked for similar examples supporting McCain but came up short. Send us tips if you find anything by following the contact link at the bottom of the page.

Martin Schoeller: Barack Obama
The consistently delightful crew at Hasted Hunt Gallery came up with a way to support their choice of presidential candidate, providing all of us the opportunity to purchase some great art at a great price. Working in conjunction with photographer Martin Schoeller, the gallery produced an edition of Schoeller’s stylistic portrait of Barack Obama. Typical of Schoeller’s immediately recognizable style, the image is brightly lit and tightly cropped.

The 11”x14” print is available for only $250 in an edition of 500, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Obama campaign. For more information, contact the gallery by calling +1 212 627 0006 or emailing info [at] hastedhunt [dot] com. — Jonah Samson.

Facilitating those who want their online identity to be consistent with their politics, Logobama is a website that allows users to easily create their own custom Obama logo by uploading a picture that you can re-size and position within the sun shape. Trick it out by choosing colors from a pre-approved palette and choose from a range of sizes that the program generates.

Obamatize your Profile Pic for October Facebook Group
There’s a glut of Facebook groups both in support of and against Obama but we like the simple premise of Obamatizing your page and some of the pics, like the Grateful Dead and Kiss mash-ups, are genius.

Obama ’08 iPhone Application
Finally a presidential candidate that is utilizing progressive technologies as a campaign tool, Obama’s iPhone Application “organizes and prioritizes your contacts by key battleground states, making it easy to reach out and make an impact quickly.” Available for download at iTunes. Image via Ben Smith’s Blog.

Jill Platner: Obama Collection
NYC-based jeweler created a line of jewelry “to show her suport for Obama’s message of hope and change.” The subtle sterling silver pieces include pins and lariat necklaces all handmade and all engraved with roughly-hewn letters spelling out “Obama” or “Obama Rocks.” Platner’s Obama accessories are available from her site.

Runway To Change
In an unprecedented move, the Obama campaign recently launched “Runway To Change“, a collection of clothing and accessories created by a cadre of big-name fashion designers. Like Pharrel’s tee that depicts Obama’s charisma graphically, Proenza Schoueler’s understated leather bracelet, the Wangster-worthy racerback by Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs’ button totebag. Needless to say, all proceeds support the campaign.

Trollbäck: Buttons for Barack
From the creative studio Trollbäck, these buttons are as clever as they are good-looking. There are four sets with each Trollbäck designer responsible for a button — unfortunately it seems like you probably have to know one of those designers to get your hands on one but you can see larger images on their site.

Obama Baggus
Silkscreened with a greyscale image of Barack that pretty much says it all, the Baggus work for those (like me) who just can’t quite see themselves wearing any endorsement across their chest. Plus they have that punk DIY appeal that seems particularly fitting given the spirit of the campaign.


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