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Looking Behind The Financial Crisis. Deregulation Or Over Regulation?

The guru of 1 to 1 marketing Don Peppers looks at the recent crisis as he writes…“the occasionally dysfunctional workings of a representative democracy.” Although many politicians and much of the mainstream media would like you to believe that it was rampant deregulation of the financial industry that “caused” the economic crisis we now face, don’t believe it for a minute.
The fact is that deregulation is almost certainly not the culprit. For one thing, the least regulated sectors of the financial markets have been the least affected by the malaise. Hedge funds, for instance, are still functioning smoothly and efficiently. It’s the more heavily regulated commercial banking sector that’s freezing up. Rather than deregulation, the immediate cause of the liquidity crisis is over-regulation – or at least, the wrong type of regulation.
Don puts the blame squarely at the feet of the government, both the Democrats and the Republicans and the law makers who with good intensions perhaps added to the conditions that precipitated the crisis in the sector. Read the whole
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