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What’s In A Name? A Lot, If You Are In Banking These Days.

NameWire, the brand naming blog has an interesting post on how the financial downturn and the crises in the banking industry will change many unconnected things. For instance many of the large banks that went down these past few weeks were active sponsors of sporting events and had their brand names attached to sporting venues. If Citi Bank has bought Wachovia, will a sporting area named after Wachovia be renamed after Citi? According to this post many more such ball parks, stadiums and arenas could soon undergo a name change. Also, now that words like investment bank and investment banker are not the most fashionable things out there, we could see some rethink even in the space. NameWire points to another story at ThoughtGadgets that looked at why the $700 billion bailout failed. Was it a case of band branding the article asks? The bailout according to CNN was opposed by most Americans and one of the reasons for it was that most people could not explain it easily. Read more


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