Alternative marketing thinking


A Second Life For Second Life.

2007 was the year of Second Life. Cover stories were written, brands decided to build experiences, blog posts raved about the future of this virtual world. In fact this newsletter too had many stories on how brands and consumers were experimenting with this new form of life. Then towards the end of the year the noise died down. Experts started to write off the places, brands started to leave their islands, just as quickly as they had arrived. Now there’s new life emerging in this virtual world, with marketers looking at the potential of these virtual spaces. Rather than try to recreate brand the way they are in real life, the second generation of Second Life entrepreneurs have a new approach, bring something relevant to the community. Like when Colgate discovered that SL Avatars are not born with natural smiles, they decided to distribute smiles and solve a real need that users of this world had to live with. Read more in Fast Company.


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