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Now, A Robot To Help You With Your Account Aggregation

ANZ Bank Australia introduces a Robot Mascot to help customers with their Account Aggregation. ANZ Head of Online Banking Sam Plowman said: “ANZ MoneyManager is a convenient and simple tool for people wanting to better manage their finances. It’s particularly relevant given that Australians, on average, have a relationship with more than four different financial institutions.“
ANZ MoneyManager can help provide people with valuable insights into their finances and spending habits by bringing all their information into the one secure place, so they can make better informed decisions.”

Account Aggregation is not new. What is new perhaps is that the bank uses a novel little programming trick to turn your curser into a GIANT robot hand (see screenshot in linked article). A little disconcerting at first, but it does get your attention and proves you are dealing with a creative enterprise. All in all, an engaging user experience. Read more.


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One thought on “Now, A Robot To Help You With Your Account Aggregation

  1. This is totally new concept. I must study it minutely.

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