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Money, So Beautiful You Wouldn’t Want To Give It Away.

From the place (Holland) that makes some of the world’s most beautifully designed currency a new Five Euro coin, designed by artist and architect Stani Michiels (here’s a link to his pretty detailed blog post on how the design came about) The fact that Michiels is a designer and an architect worked for him as the brief for the job was to design a coin on “Netherlands and Artictecture”. So he brought in both these skills to play while creating the design. For the front of the coin, he listed the names of prominent Dutch architects according to their popularity on the internet, or how many hits they get. Using different weights of a monoline font that he designed especially for the task, Michiels arranged the names to create a portrait of the Dutch queen. On the reverse, Michiels referenced the sheer number of architecture books published currently, arranging different sized books around the edge of the coin so that the space between their tops forms the outline of a map of The Netherlands. It’s really futile to describe such a wonderful piece of design in words. Take a look at it here.


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