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Amateurs Making Money Off YouTube

Monetising content on YouTube, there are many experiments going on out there, as both established media entities and the up-and-coming users try to learn from each other. Amateur users are creating narrative arcs and once-a-week videos, enticing viewers to visit regularly. Some are also adding product-placement spots to their videos. Matt Buckley is one who seems to have found a working formula, having recently quit his full time day job to focus on his niche online show called What The Buck Show that focuses on celebrity humour. Matt invested less than $3000 to get his show going in the summer of 2006 is now reportedly earning $ 100,000 a month from advertisers. There are others earning equally impressive numbers. Cory Williams, of smpfilms earns between $17,000 to $20,000 a month. With half the money coming from an ad sharing arrangement he has with YouTube. Matt is now exploring the possibility of doing a show with HBO. But he thinks that people who have cut their teeth in the online space should not abandon the medium because they have found new opportunities on networks. More from The Times.


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